The region westwards from Verdun, including the Argonne-Forest, was in the World War 1914 – 1918 scene of fierce fights between the Allied Forces and the German Army.

On the part of different French associations it was asked several times for German support in respect of care of memories of those fights which took place and the investigation and maintenances of the still in astonishing variety existing field fortification and monuments.

Exact this is what the Deutsches Erinnerungskomitee Argonnerwald 1914-1918 tries to satisfy. Not only to honor the fallen of our nations, but especially to show the coming generation the horrors of war in published and leisure manner and to contribute a great deal on inter­national understanding.

Purpose (intention) and Activities of the Association

1. The association is unselfish active. In first line it follows nonprofit-making.

2. It takes care of international and traditional units (formation), ex-servicemen and their relatives as well as all members of war.

3. Collection of Allied and German documents which are relating to the happenings (events) in the sphere of action. To hold in trust all those cultural assets, it is necessary to arrange a museum and a record office.

4. Publication of those achievements which are based on the association’s owned record office. To expose (layout) historical facts will be very useful for further education of our coming generation.

5. Evaluation, discussion and exchange of the knowledge, within the scope of research works in the field of activities, in international archives, museums and by interviewing veterans.

6. To take care of the German-French friendship and to join, illuminate and working together with the young generation of both nations through activities and special arrangements in France or Germany.

7. To upkeep and enlarge the already existing relations with the French authorities, unions and private persons in the radius of actions in historically and friendly respect.

8. Contribution for a national understanding through human relations to international associations.

9. Cooperation, support and consultation between the French and German authorities, military service and unions, regarding cultural and military historical activities in the sphere of action:

a) Clarificational investigation, attending and to upkeep late and new built graves, cemetery and honorary monuments. Also distinctive above and under ground field fortification in those former battle fields will stay in memory on those fights which took place.

b) Attending at and organisation of memorial ceremonies in connection with the possibility on travelling and careta­king of veterans and so to be a dignified representa­tion in the capacity of a German delegation.

10. Clarifying the destiny of the fallen and missed soldiers in the sphere of action through research in the record office at the fighting area.

11. Historical lectures and guidance in the fighting area for military and private groups and persons.