Coming events:

26. August: Sicherung des Zugangs zu Stollen 26 und 27.
Responsible: Adolf Buchner.
Meeting Point: 9 Uhr 30 am Bataillons-Tunnel.


Attention! Please apply for our events 3 weeks in advance at the supervisor. Every event is limited to 10 persons. Participation for the activities is limited to members of the D.E.A. and A.V.A.. You can sign in for membership at the supervisor.

Physical fitness is an essential prerequisite for participating in tours or researches of underground structures. No restriction of physical stability, like closed-in feelings!

Mandatory outfits include good footwear, flashlight (one in reserve) and helmets. Upon request, helmets could also be lend from our association.

In collaboration with the French Forest Office, the three associations

  • Les Amis de Vauquois et de sa région
  • Comité franco-allemand – Souvenir et Sauvegarde de sites en Argonne
  • Deutsches Erinnerungskomitee Argonnerwald 1914 – 1918 e.V.

have taken on the task of

  • registering still existing remains of World War I in the Argonne Forest and at Vauquois with the intention of protecting them from destruction or restoring those witnesses of the pain and sacrifices of our ancestors,
  • developing the dialog between the peoples and also their historical awareness, especially that of French and German adolescents, by providing them with a better understanding of the events of the Great War, thus enabling them to learn the appropriate lessons,
  • supporting reconciliation, international attitudes, tolerance in all matters of culture and the idea of understanding between the peoples through common activities.

In order to achieve this aim, the following activities are performed by the members, school classes, groups of adolescents and members of the forces:

  • research in archives, preparation and presentation of information, guided tours,
  • on-site research, registering, selecting, restoring and preserving the remains of World War I.

    Please support the work of these associations, either by acquiring membership or by making donations.