1914-1918 e.V.

In cooperation with the French forestry authority “Office Nationale des Forêts”, the three associations:

Deutsches Erinnerungskomitee Argonnerwald 1914 – 1918 e.V

Les Amis de Vauquois et de sa région

Comité franco-allemand – Souvenir et Sauvegarde de sites en Argonne

set the goal:

To catalog and, if worthwhile, save from destruction or restore any remaining World War I remains in the Argonne Forest and on Vauquois so that the suffering and sacrifices of our ancestors are not forgotten,

to develop the dialogue between the peoples and the historical consciousness, especially between French and Germans young people, by bringing the events of the 1st World War to a better understanding with the idea to draw appropriate lessons from it,

to promote reconciliation, international spirit, tolerance in all fields of culture and the idea of international understanding within the framework of joint activities.

To achieve this goal, the following activities are carried out by association members, school classes, youth groups and military units:

Research in archives, preparation and making available of information at the place of the event

Identifying, researching, cataloging, selecting, renovating and maintaining World War 1 remains.

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