The region west of Verdun up to and including the Argonne Forest was the scene of the fiercest fighting between the Allied Forces and the German Army during the World War 1914 – 1918.

Various French associations have often asked for German support in maintaining the memory of the battles that took place here, as well as in researching and preserving the amazing variety of positions and monuments that still exist.

The German Remembrance Committee Argonnerwald 1914 – 1918 fulfills these wishes not only by honoring the fallen of our peoples, but also to present the horrors of war to future generations in a journalistic and museum-like form, thus contributing to international understanding.

Purpose and activity of the association:

  • The association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.
  • Maintaining contacts with international traditional associations, former participants in the war, their relatives and all persons concerned with the events in the area of activity. Thereby also participation in and organization of comradeship meetings.
  • Collection of Allied and German documents, records and materials related to the 1914-1918 battles that took place in the area of action. An archive and a museum will be established to preserve these cultural assets.
  • Publication of historical works based on the association’s own archives. Thereby highlighting historical facts, which should serve primarily for the historical education of the youth.
  • Evaluate, discuss, and share with international historians, archives, and other bodies the findings obtained through research in the area of impact, in international archives and museums, and through interviews with former participants in the war.
  • Fostering Franco-German friendship by bringing together, educating and engaging the youth of both nations through events and individual activities in France and/or in Germany.
  • Maintaining and developing the already existing relations with French authorities, associations and private individuals in the area of activity, not only in historical but also in friendly terms.
  • Contribution to international understanding by maintaining contacts with international associations.
  • Collaborate with and provide support and advice to French and German authorities, military services, and associations regarding the following cultural/military history activities in the area of impact:
  • Enlightening investigation, maintenance, research and preservation of former and newly established graves, cemeteries and monuments of honor as well as prominent above-ground and underground position parts of the former battlefields with regard to a lasting memory of the battles that took place here.
  • Participation in and organization of commemorative events in connection with the creation of travel opportunities and support for former participants in the war. Worthy representation in the capacity of the German delegation.
  • Clarification of the fates of fallen or missing persons in the area of action through research in archives and at the battle site.
  • Historical lectures and guided tours in the area of activity for civilian and military groups/individuals.